Car Wreckers Auckland

Car wrecking is a service, best provided by us, in all of Auckland. We, the Ultra Auto Collection are one of the most highly trusted and reputed auto wreckers, operating all across Auckland helping you get rid of your scrap car and pay you the highest amount for your vehicle, on the spot.

How do we work?

At Ultra Auto Collection, we use our highly advanced and modernized tech equipment for dismantling your vehicle and recycling them. We buy your car regardless of its make and condition and offer you cash best worth your vehicle.
Our highly experienced auto wreckers do the recycling and recondition of your vehicle in the best way to yield the most value from your car upon recycling. We make sure to recycle even the smallest nuts and bolts to provide you with the highest value possible.
The auto wrecking process is only safe under expert supervision. Our highly experienced staffs with their expertise ensure auto wrecking of your vehicle with the safest of measures and relieve you the stress of owning a scrappy car.
Our automobile wrecking service and the entire process of it is designed in a way to provide the customers with a fast, convenient and a profitable way to dispose of their scrap, wrecked, damaged, or accident automobile.

How you get paid?

You can get up to NZ$5000 cash for your vehicle in any condition. Three factors determine the value of your automobile:

  • Age: It’s common sense. The newer your vehicle is, higher would be its value. However, for older vintage models, the cost is relatively higher. We make sure you get what your car is worth. Nothing less.
  • Brand and model: The brand and model of your car helps us determine the value of your automobile. If the vehicle is, for example, a BMW, Toyota, Audi model, it would naturally have a higher value when compared to other brands.
  • Odometer reading: The value of a vehicle which has travelled less will naturally have a much higher cost. Therefore, the lesser your vehicle has travelled, the more will be the dollars in your pockets.

How to get in touch?

We provide car wrecking services all around Auckland. No matter where you live in Auckland, we’ll get there. You have to just follow these three steps to get the coins in your pockets and get rid of your scrap –

  1. Contact us – Ring us at 0800 323 489 or fill the quote form at our website and get an instant cash offer within 24 hours.
  2. Accept the instant cash offer – The prices we offer are always 10% higher. You just need to make sure that the source of the request is genuine. Our experienced auto dismantlers assess all our cash offers.
  3. Free pick up and cash paid on the spot – Upon acceptance of the cash offer, we provide you with a free of cost scrap removal service right away and deliver you the agreed-upon cash on the spot. You don’t even need to be home when our service providers are towing away your scrappy junk.Collection