Cash for Cars Auckland

We pay straight away cash for cars. Our cash for cars Auckland services extend to all the vehicle owners of Auckland which pays them instant cash for their automobile. We pay in cash for all kinds of vehicles; Vans, SUVs, Trucks, buses, jeeps, and the list goes on. You can quickly get your scrappy junk, or just an old vehicle sold today and get the straight up cash for it. 

Our Reliance

Ultra Car Collection, is an insured and fully licensed, and well-established auto buyer and wrecker,who buy private and commercial vehicles of any brand, or model at any condition. We do not demand for the vehicle to be fixed or repair, we simply need you to contact us with its details and we’ll be there. You may have any of the following reasons to get your car removed –

  • You don’t want the vehicle anymore
  • You need instant cash
  • You have a scrappy junk
  • Your vehicle has been totaled

Any reason and we’re just one call away from taking away your scrappy old junk. At Ultra Car Collection, we strive to make a fair deal on your vehicle and provide you with what its worth. Our Cash for car service is extremely quick and convenient, as it provides instant cash without much hassle.

How we work?

You contact us, we send you a quote upon examination, which takes less than 10 minutes. Upon your acceptance of the quoted price, we pick up your vehicle and bring it to our premises where our highly experience staff members recycle your vehicle to the fullest of its potential. Every single nut and bolt are utilized and none of it is left behind. We, as an auto wrecker and auto parts dealer see every portion of your vehicle as something valuable, recyclable and reusable. Hence, with our expertise, and highly supervised quality assure wreckage procedure, we strive to put everything back on shelf and of value once again.

Why choose us?

Because we provide-

  • Fair value for your vehicle
  • Free pick up
  • Instant cash on spot
  • Safe disposal of your automobile
  • Insured and reliable
  • No refusal. ANY automobile works for us!

How you contact us?

As we provide car wrecking services all around Auckland, No matter where you live in Auckland, we’ll get there. You have to just follow these three steps to get the money in your pockets and get rid of your scrap –

  1. Contact us – Ring us at 0800 323 489 or fill the quote form at our website and get an instant cash offer within 24 hours.
  2. Accept the instant cash offer – The prices we offer are always 10% higher. You just need to make sure that the source of offer is genuine. All our cash offers are assessed by our experience auto dismantlers.
  3. Free pickup and cash paid on spot – Upon acceptance of the cash offer, we provide you a free of cost scrap removal service right away and pay you the agreed upon cash on spot. You don’t even need to be home when our service providers are towing away your scrappy junk.Car